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* The following is a procedure (example) for prototype making and mass production. Please refer to the following when consulting.

I want to prototype an idea
  • Have you completed your design for prototype?
  • Is it ready for 3D printing, etc.?
I want to check the specification of mass production/I want to make the mass production design
  • Have you produced the prototype of your idea?
  • Have you decided the specification of your product for mass production?
  • Have you defined the users of your mass-produced products?
I want to accurately conduct the design review of mass production design
  • Have you confirmed the prototype, mass production design, mass production blueprint, mass production prototype, material selection, and manufacturing method for your idea?
  • Have you completed data collection, etc. to conduct the essential function evaluation?
I have trouble with material selection and manufacturing technology
  • Are you considering material selection and manufacturing technology after clarification of the functions required for mass-produced products?
  • Have you selected materials and technologies that have higher degree of difficulty than necessary?
I want to work out a product plan
  • Have you sorted out the supply of necessary information to users, satisfaction of security and legal requirements, required maintenance, service structure, insurance, and etc.?
I want to start mass production
  • Have you completed your mass production design, as well as clarified the necessary production specifications, quality control matters, and have blueprints (documented)?
  • Have you negotiated with the manufacturer about cost estimates, etc. and decided about the manufacturer?
I want to proceed mass production smoothly
  • Did it become an incomplete design that caused confusion among the manufacturer?
  • Did you start mass production without clarifying the quality control matters?
  • Did you grasp the whole process control, the lead time of the components, etc.?

Request for Consulting