Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for this service?

The search function is free. It is also free to inquire manufacturers through “Contact Manufacturer Directly” button.

Why some manufacturers do not display their company names even after I logged in?

There are some cases in which manufacturers do not wish for disclosure of company name. In that case, please inquire through “Request for Consulting” button. FabSync will answer you.

Are only Japanese companies registered?

Although only Japanese companies are displayed, it is possible to introduce manufacturers registered in Asia regarding large scale mass production, etc. In that case, please inquire through “Request for Consulting” button on the top page.

Is there a fee for coordination or consulting?

There is a fee. (individual cost estimation)

Coordination:we introduce appropriate mass production factories

Consulting:along with introducing appropriate mass production factories, we also have planning support, consideration of manufacturing technology adoption, consideration of management documents, consideration of various specifications, practical operation of production management, etc.

Please check this page regarding the contents of consulting.