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We will introduce manufacturers that match the products you want to produce.

Mass Production Consulting

We support various types of planning support, consideration of manufacturing technology adoption, consideration of management documents, consideration of various specifications, and practical operation of production management for the production of the products you want to produce.

※)Specifically, we have the following menu.

  1. Mass production plan confirmation
  2. Manufacturing technology consideration
  3. Preparation of management documents (component drawing, 3D data, quality standard sheet, inspection standard specification, progress schedule, QC progress schedule, packaging specification, shipping inspection report, production management form, defect management document, transaction basic contract, NDA, payment conditions, receive and inspection conditions, etc.)
  4. Mass production manufacturer selection
  5. Delivery plan formulation support
  6. Consideration of packaging specification
  7. Quality management system building support
  8. Delivery destination preparation

Also as operational support

  1. Practical operation of quality management
  2. Practical operation of production management